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    Enhancing individual and enterprise value, deepening company lean management

    2019-09-04    Source:    Hit:329

    To promote the process of sijia lean management, ensure the implementation of improvement measures, on Jul., 22th, Mr.Tan, Hengzhou consulting team, provides special training on the value of lean management to enterprises and individuals for sijia employees. Representatives from all branches of the group attended the training together.



    The training mainly focuses on the changes and improvement methods brought by lean management to the field, process, staff, team and performance, which emphasizes that lean management brings about the changes in core competence to enterprises and individuals, and the final focus is people. The implementation of lean management requires the realization of personal changes by incentive system, and also requires teamwork at all levels to perform their duties.

    The staff consulted the teacher about problems in day-to-day management activities, and the teacher answered them one by one.

    Since the implementation of the three phases of lean management project, sijias production site and office management have been further improved. Through the promotion and supervision of the office of lean management, sijia people make concerted efforts to pay attention to the details of 7S on the site, put forward improvement proposals, and make efforts to further ensure a safe, efficient and clean working environment.

    Chairman Lin concluded that drive and implement sijia's lean management and further realize enterprise development, it is ultimately team oriented, and factors such as teamwork, execution and thinking cognition play an important role.

    Lean management is a collaborative process, In the process of achieving various goals, employees are motivated, develop a sense of self-identity and value, and improve their work enthusiasm.Through feedback in the execution process, the enterprise continuously improves the management system and quality level, promotes the improvement of employees' skills and the transformation of their thinking, and achieves the breakthrough of enterprise management quality. With the continuous promotion of lean management, sijia will focus on improving the value of individuals and enterprises, promote the company's management, and further improve the management level. With the refinement of the platform, high efficiency of production and high quality of products, sijia will take the road of continuous innovative development.


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